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Melbourne School of Electric Blues was founded in 2005 (formerly known as Silvertone Guitar School) and has been busy ever since.

Hi, my name is Phil and as of September 2013, I have taken over the Melbourne School of Electric Blues and will continue to provide guitar lessons in Melbourne for students of all ages and skill levels.

In addition to guitar, I also offer mandolin lessons. So if you have ever wanted to learn this fun and not so common instrument you are in luck!

After picking up the guitar as a teenager I haven’t really ever put it down.
I have played in bands since high school, hold a certificate in rock, jazz and commercial music and have recently gained a Bachelor of Applied Arts music degree.

Studying music not only helped my playing technique, it also gave me a thorough understanding and appreciation of music theory – which I apply to lessons in a fun and above all, practical way.

I love blues music, from the Delta style through to the contemporary rock take on it.

I’m a Gibson man, with my main two guitars being a Gibson ES 335 and Gibson SG standard. I also play a beautiful sounding Ibanez acoustic and own a Regal resonator guitar.

I’m currently in a band named Spiral Arm, playing psychedelic sounding rock and roll.

I love sharing what I have learned and hope to jam soon,

Regards, Phil Shaw – Guitarist.

Playing at the ESPY, Aug 2013