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Group Lessons | Melbourne School of Electric Blues

Group Lessons

Group lessons are for two or more people who are interested in playing together. They go for an hour and are offered on a weekly basis.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning In A Group?

Learning in a group teaches you to play with other people and is a great motivator for learning. Even if you decide to take individual lessons, finding other people to regularly jam with is highly recommended.

Group lessons can also be tailored to prepare for upcoming gigs and performances.

What Do The Lessons Involve?

The lesson structure is similar to individual lessons. We start with some theory and technique, followed by a blues session where everyone will get a chance to play both rhythm and lead. Jamming is the best way to develop a solo technique and learn how to keep in time with other musicians.

The rest of the lesson is spent working on songs (see “The Music” page). Songs are built from the ground up, starting with basic rhythm, then adding in a strum, fills and solos. You also learn how to improvise within the song to make it your own and experiment with different tempos and keys.

What If You Are All Beginners?

No problem, learning in a group is a lot of fun. Although the lessons are more focused on group dynamics and getting songs together, there is still a lot of individual guidance, especially at the start of the lesson.

How Much Do The Lessons Cost?

Group lessons are more economical than individual lessons. The price depends on how many people are in the group. The more people there are, the cheaper the cost per student. Please ask for a quote.