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Mandolin Lessons | Melbourne School of Electric Blues

Mandolin Lessons

The Melbourne School of Electric Blues now offers mandolin lessons Melbourne wide, so you can finally start learning that not so common instrument that has caught your attention. Individual mandolin lessons are the quickest way to learn with the best results. They are one hour or 45 minutes long and can be taken weekly or fortnightly.

Where Do We Start?

We start with whatever skill you already have and build on that. Beginners start with the basics: forming open chords, strumming, picking and playing simple blues and bluegrass tunes as well as covering the key principles of music. (Sight reading is covered for students interested).
As students advance we introduce more theory into the mandolin lessons and develop playing technique. More advanced chords and licks are added as well as more complicated tunes.

How Much Practice Time Will You Need?

The pace of individual learning is largely up to the student and determined by how much time you are able to spend practising each week. The minimum recommended amount of practice time needed is around 15 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

How Are The Mandolin Lessons Structured?

The first half of the lesson is spent on theory, playing technique and the blues. The remainder is spent putting the theory in to practice by playing songs.

How Do You Make Progress?

At the end of each lesson you are given a list of tasks to work on before the next lesson. Learning is done in a logical progression, building on the skills you have previously studied.

How Much Do The Lessons Cost?

Lessons cost $80 per session. This includes the teacher coming to your house, an hour long lesson and all the course materials. 45 minute lessons are also offered at a rate of $60. We offer mandolin lessons Melbourne wide, servicing areas within a 15km (approximately) radius of the CBD, so contact us today to start learning an instrument that is a little different!