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The Music

The Blues

Blues is a style of music, not a collection of songs. Even if you are not a huge fan of the genre, it’s a very fun way to play guitar with a lot of emphasis on improvisation.

We start with a basic 12 bar shuffle and build up your repertoire with pentatonic scales, alternate shuffle rhythms, licks and turnarounds. All of these elements can be used in your blues progression, making a very fluid and relaxing style of guitar.

Luckily, there is no right way to play it. Sure there are plenty of wrong ways, but there are no rules about how fast or slow to play, how long your solo should last, nor how fancy your finger work has to be.

With a basic knowledge of the guitar, we can get started on a simple 12 bar rhythm and go from there. Or if you already know how to play and would like to learn some more, there is a lifetime worth of blues still to learn.


Playing songs is fun and a great way to put theory into practice. Songs are chosen by student preference and level of skill. Within your first few lessons, the teacher will ask you what bands and eras of music you like, then suitable songs will be worked into the guitar lessons depending on their difficulty.

While we try our best to delve into music you enjoy, the modus operandi of the school is to explore blues and the music blues inspired. Songs cover a range of eras and styles and are influenced by bands from the 60s through to today.

Check out some of our musical influences in the video blog below to see what inspires us!

The Music

Phil here, I find inspiration plays a huge part the learning process. I have been giving guitar lessons in Melbourne since 2013 and in New Zealand before that and can attest to the fact that just seeing someone doing what they do live can be an amazing experience, sending you back to your guitar with a renewed excitement and enthusiasm for it. Many times I have encouraged students to check out a touring band or artist and have found that it can inspire them to keep working hard at learning their instrument. This blog will feature music performances that have had an impact on me in some way and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something I have tried to learn myself, sometimes its great to just watch and enjoy. Hope you find something that inspires you!

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